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For the Job Interview

It has been proven that career training alone is not enough to assure success in life but how you present yourself is often a deciding factor. It's what's making a big impact.

  • Remember that looking good will make you feel assured.

  • Well-fitted clothing projects' confidence that you want the interviewer to know.

  • Make sure you wear something that fits the company's image you are applying.

  • Make your clothes neat and clean. It's a symbol of being organized.

  • Dress in a manner that you'll be able to maintain if you get the job.

  • Bring along a leather briefcase or a trim handbag (to free hands for handshaking) which must be in good condition.

  • Overdoing your hair (and makeup for ladies) will make the interviewer think you take long break and stay in the restroom longer than usual.

  • Open buttons (Too short skirt for ladies) will send a wrong signal of being flirted and will make the interviewer think you're dangerous to anyone's concentration. Being conservative is your best bet. Close-toe shoes do not only look conservative and appropriate. It is also safe for your feet at work.