First Impressions Last

NOUBI SAYS: Whether it's fair or not, a person's first judgment of the other is based on clothing. The rest, including intellectual appreciation, attitude, etc. comes only second. Clothing is the first clue absorbed by the eye before the brain judges' first impression. It has become the most important judging factor of first impression.

First Impressions Last

Your Image Is Showing

When other people look at you, they make judgments about you based on what they see. They may judge your ability and disposition by that first impression. Appearance creates a picture of who you are. When other people lack personal information about you, they may use your personal appearance to judge your character.

Blame This On First Impression

It's unrealistic to suppose that everyone has the patience to wait for you to open your mouth before making a judgment. What clothing creates on first impression is surely as important as a thousand words for dozens of later opportunities. What happens during that first moment will most likely affect the rest of the impression. How many times have you heard, "When I've first met him..." or "The first time I've seen you, I thought...?" How often do you find yourself baffled, bewildered or even hurt because the response you elicit from others is different from the one you had hoped for? Blame this on first impression.

When you first enter a room, an office, a bus, or a business meeting, you only have one free moment, one great instant in which you receive the complete and undivided attention of those around you. In that instant, the people observing decide whether you are a threat or an attraction, whether you are of interest to them or not. In most cases, people make the vital decision about a stranger in less time than what it takes to blink an eyelash. If you mess up to that moment, you will have to work awfully hard for the next. Blame this on first impression.

When you see a beautiful woman wearing something really odd you'd say "she's beautiful but..." and when you see a very handsome man wearing wrinkled trousers with dirty white socks, you may find yourself saying he's your type but not excited to meet. Blame this on first impression. 

By changing any part of your appearance such as hairstyle, grooming, or clothing, you can change the total image others have of you. Appearance can be a powerful and useful tool in controlling the kind of message you send to others.