Looking into your Wardrobe

NOUBI SAYS: When you have your basic wardrobe it will cost you less to maintain them than buying many unrelated pieces for their own special uses.

Looking into your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Tips

Your wardrobe is the heart of your style. A good wardrobe should be able to meet almost all your clothing needs.

If you are not sure if you have the right wardrobe follow these steps.

  1. Make an imaginary look of yourself based on your existing wardrobe. Is it the image you would like to project?

  2. If you answer yes, there is nothing to change, maybe just a few additional clothes will make it complete.

  3. However, if your imagination is different from your wardrobe, you may have to spend some money to acquire a basic wardrobe.

6 Easy Steps how to simplify your wardrobe

  1. Know what you have in your closet so you know if you have enough of one kind. Too much evening wear and only two working attire might imbalance your work clothes' situation.

  2. Discard outgrown clothes. You cannot wear them anymore.

  1. Discard clothes you never wear. Observe your virtues of charity. Donate them.

  1. Repair things that need repair. Don't wait to repair it when you're about to wear it. It'll end up with a clumsy finish when you do that.

  2. Take care of clothing according to their label cleaning instructions (dry clean or hang dry, etc). You might ruin them if you take the easier way. Don't experiment!

  1.    Don't buy clothes with exaggerated designs (big lapels, excessively decorated designs or collars, color so loud, or print so bold) even when people kept on complimenting you over and over. This clothing tends to become too memorable to be worn often. Most of the time it creates an icon of yourself on the minds of those who complimented you. Sometimes it becomes more ridicule than a compliment when it became outdated.

How to maximize the use of your wardrobe?

✓  Keep and maintain clothes that you can put on in the morning to work and still look good, thereafter. It will save time and make you feel flexible.

✓  Keep and maintain a versatile outfit that can be dressed up with the simplest of changes.

✓  Maintain simple outfits because they lend themselves to more creative accessorizing.

✓  Finally, develop your consistency of taste and image. So when you are established with your wardrobe, it can carry you through for the next several fashion seasons. It’s worth the effort.