TIPS: for the FACE

NOUBI SAYS: The Face is the center of your focal point, so maximize all that you can do in this part of your body.

TIPS: for the FACE

TIPS: for the FACE

Useful Tips!

 for a ROUND face…

✓  High choker necklaces shorten your neck.

✓  Hanging necklaces balance the roundness of your face.

✓  Avoid circular or round hairstyles.

✓  Any V-neck style is advisable.

✓  Avoid high raffles.

for a LONG face…

✓  You must havecircular or full hairstyle.

✓  V-necks are not good, but bows and soft cowls are fine.

✓  Hanging necklaces exaggerates the elongation of our faces.

if you have a DOUBLE CHIN…

✓  A long pendant distracts the attention of your double chin.

✓  Avoid big and dangling earrings.

✓  Avoid high choker at the throat.

✓  Avoid large collars but wear simple flats that rest on your shoulders.

✓  Avoid big bows, big turtlenecks, and high ruffles.

✓  Collar opened down to the second or third button is perfect.

✓  Make sure your focal point is away from your chin.

Makeover tips for the EYES!

✓  Deep-set eyes need bright color make-up to bring them out of hiding. Avoid using eyeliner because it will close in the eyes, instead use lining inside lower lashes with a silver-frosted pencil.

✓  Protruding eyes look less prominent with a smudge of the liner along the lashes and dark shadow on lids.

✓  Small eyes can be played up with a curve of rosy blushers from cheekbones out and up over the outer ends of the brows. Use brown liner under lower lashes, but never above eyes.

✓  Wide-set eyes get together with a bit of smoky shadow blended between inner eye corners and the bridge of your nose.

✓  Close-set eyes need a little white high lighter blended between eyes and the bridge of your nose.

Useful Tips!

for the EYEBROWS…

✓  If tweezing a pain, rub eyebrows with an ice cube first to numb the area slightly.

✓  Tweeze eyebrows at night, not in the morning, so any redness will be gone by the time you wake up.