Tips of Hem Length

NOUBI SAYS: The Correct Length Can Make Or Break any Clothing. Too short hem length on dress pants does not only look borrowed from your younger brother, but it looks ridiculous, especially in the corporate world. 

Tips of Hem Length

Tips of Hem Length

Hem length is one of the most effective illusions of form.

Here are some rules.

 The shorter the legs, the shorter the skirts.

 Colour and fabric weight elongate or shorten the length silhouette.

 The darker the color or the heavier the fabric, the shorter you should wear it.

 Lightweight fabric such as silk can be worn a bit longer to distract its float and won't appear short.

The color of your stockings and shoes affects or exaggerates the length of a hemline.

Some basic rules for pants’ length

The Correct Suit Trouser Length Can Make Or Break Your Suit


The front hem should touch the top of the shoe covering the entire instep.

 The back pant hem can be a little longer maybe a quarter of an inch.