TIPS: If you are SHORT and THIN

NOUBI SAYS: Camouflage is your best friend. A straight thin line from head to toe will help you appear less short. You need to be creative. Vertical lines add height, avoid belt if possible. Belts offer a horizontal line, which cuts you in half.

TIPS: If you are SHORT and THIN

TIPS: If you are SHORT and THIN

Useful Tips!

One color or a mix of soft tones is best. Proportion must be kept in mind.

Simple dresses and jumpers tend to give you a longer line.

 Vertical patterns or vertical seaming are best.

 If you have high knees you can wear a longer-length skirt.

 High heels are flattering as long as they are not grotesquely high.

 An attractive hose tends to emphasize the shortness of the leg.

 Single colors or tones of a single-color family are good.

 Wear solids prints rather than large, splashy prints.

 A shorter jacket gives a leggier appearance.


 Don't chop up your body with contrasting bold colors.

 No overpowering anything -hats, hairstyles, or jewelry.

 You should wear nothing that is big, bulky or complicated.

✓  Heavy shoes make the leg look shorter.

 Anything oversized - collars, shoulders, bulky layers.

 Never clutter up your neck; that tends to foreshorten your figure.