Choosing Eyeglass Frames

NOUBI SAYS: Coordinate the style and color of your frame to your clothing. Metallic and earth tones are more flexible to different garment styles and colors. Buy something that doesn't contrast drastically with your hair and clothing.

Choosing Eyeglass Frames

FASHION TIPS: Choosing Eyeglass Frames

Besides being useful, eyeglasses could be an accessory used to make your face beautiful. Their shape and color are important to the face and the overall coordination of your clothing.

Oval face: Frames should follow the curve of the brow to balance the shape of the face.

Square face: Frames should not be small in size and never square.

Round face: Frames should be narrow and never round.

Pear-shaped face: Frames should be wide enough to create an illusion of width across the face.

Oblong face: Frames should be wide and has no up-curve to give the illusion of width to the face.