Getting the Right Fit

NOUBI SAYS:  Whatever style you want to show should not confuse those around you with the message your clothing conveys. You can't be very Haute in one day and the total opposite on the other day. Be consistent!

Getting the Right Fit

Getting the Right Fit.   

Getting the right fit in fashion is not quantified by the number of wardrobes or accessories an individual has. Nevertheless, it is the total outlook of what you project as an individual.

We can’t simply afford to ignore appearance. Unfortunately, no one ever became totally poised overnight. It’s something we have to work on and the reward is worth every effort.

What Right Fit really is?

Right fit means poise. It means personality and manners combined. It is also a combination of good desirable qualities. It's amazing that you know instantly when someone has it. However, what is it that they have?

It's not about having more, nor wearing fewer clothes, neither being beautiful nor ugly. It is about the way they carry and present themselves which makes them outstanding.

Outstanding personality is not just the result of clothing, but how your clothing is presented in relation to your good image, as a whole. Good grooming, good manners, healthy living, congeniality, self-confidence, versatility, humor, and the right attitude are the most noticeable ones. If you have all these, you are one hell of a perfect human being!

Useful Tips!  

 How we look and project ourselves have a lot to do with the way others see us. No matter how expert we are at articulating our clothing and intentions, still we end up in chaos when our clothes send a message contrary to our intent.

 The ultimate rule is appropriateness. If everyone is going to a party with their casual clothing wear the same and do not show up in your stunning million-dollar clothes. That's not being chic. It is terribly awkward as if you misinterpreted the occasion, like going to a children's party in a funeral outfit. Appropriateness means wearing something that suits the time requested.

 Today, fashion points towards versatility, where a day dress might turn into an elegant evening dress in just a few, quick changes. Wear clothes that respond to your need for a non-stop glamour from morning until night. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an all-in-one look. So, one must find an effort to change and understand the various ways to achieve that particular look.