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Pearl grading system - from A to AAAA quality of pearls -

How Pearls are Graded?

As a major supplier for wholesaling our pearls directly to jewelers and store owners worldwide, need to clearly definbuy pearls e our pearls' grades so that our customers can be sure of the quality and make their intelligent choices when they compare prices. We divided our pearls into 4 grades, ranging from Grade A to AAAA.

Grade A - beautiful lustrous pearls with semi round shape. Some pearls in this category may have small spots, markings or imperfections on their surfaces, however the imperfections are difficult to spot from distance when the jewelry is worn. The luster of the A pearl is very good. A lot of people love the natural look of pearls in this category. They look great when the pearls are being worn, naturally showing they are real pearls instead of plastics or imitations.

Grade AA - High lustrous pearls with round shape. The surface of the pearl is clean without any significant imperfection. Pearls in this category represent very good value since their cost are low and the look is similar to the higher (AAA and AAAA) grades which both demand much higher prices.

Grade AAA - Excellent blusterous pearls with very round shape. The surface of the pearl is very clean with hardly any visible markings or imperfections. The luster of pearl is very high and they are the highest quality of pearls that you can buy for pearls on loose strands.

Grade AAAA - The major difference between Grade AAA and Grade AAAA are in its roundness. These are the highest grade for freshwater pearls, which are very very rare, therefore, they are usually only used for pendants or rings. The pearls at this grade have not only very high luster and sparkle but also excellent roundness shape. The surface of the pearl is extremely clean without any spots, surface markings or imperfections.

Because of its rareness, the pearls in the AAAA category are often sold by pieces instead on strands, and they are more available for smaller sized pearls instead of larger ones.

Larger sized pearls usually have to stay inside of oysters in water for much longer time period and more susceptible to flaws, as everything is made of nature. Like humans, the longer we live, the more likely we will have imperfections in terms of our skin or shape.