How to take care of Noubikko Pearls

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How to Care for your Pearls

Pearls are precious jewels and should always be treated as such.

1) They should not be exposed to acid-alkali substances and high temperature.

2) They should also be kept from direct contact with chemical substances such as perfume, hair spray or to minerals such as oil and salt.

3) It is advisable to wear pearls to keep them from drying out. The body's natural oils keep pearls lustrous.

4) When washing or bathing one should remove pearl jewelry.

5) If pearl jewelry becomes contaminated with perspiration and dirt, use neutral cleaning detergents to wash it and rinse it with clean water. Then use a soft cotton cloth for drying.

Dos and don'ts:

1) Don't toss them in a purse or jewelry box where they can become scratched by metal or stones.

2) Do treat your pearls gently; keep them in a chamois bag or wrap them in tissue when you put them away.

3) Don't expose pearls to acid-based hair sprays, cosmetics or perfumes, or clean them with chemicals or abrasives.

4) Do wash them with mild soap and water when you take them off. This will remove any traces of hair spray or perfume.

5) Always have pearls strung with a knot between each pearl to avoid abrasion and to prevent loss if the string should break.