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If you have a round face
High choker necklaces shorten your neck.
Hanging necklace's balance the roundness of your face.
Avoid circular or round hair style.
Any V-neck style is advisable.
Avoid high raffles.

If you have a long face
You must have circular or full hair style.
V-necks are not good, but bows and soft cowls are fine
Hanging necklaces exaggerates the elongation of your face.

If you have double chin

Long pendant distracts the attention of your double chin.
Avoid big and dangling earrings.
Avoid high choker at the throat.
Avoid large collars but wear simple and flat that rest on your shoulders.
Avoid big bows, big turtlenecks and high ruffles.
Collar opened down to the second or third button is perfect.
Make sure your focal point is away from your chin.

Makeover tips for the eyes
-Deep-set eyes
need bright color make-up to bring them out of hiding. Avoid using eyeliner because it will close-in eyes, instead use lining inside lower lashes with silver-frosted pencil.

-Protruding eyes look less prominent with a smudge of the liner along the lashes and dark shadow on lids.

- Small eyes can be played up with a curve of rosy blushers from cheekbones out and up over the outer ends of the brows. Use brown liner under lower lashes, but never above eyes.

- Wide-set eyes get together with a bit of smoky shadow blended between inner eye corners and the bridge of your nose.

-Close-set eyes need a little white high lighter blended between eyes and the bridge of your nose.

Tips for eyebrows

- If eyebrow tweezing a pain. Rub with an ice cube first to numb the area slightly
- Tweeze eyebrows at night, not in the morning, so any redness will be gone by the time you wake up.