Fashion Tips on Chest or Bust by Noubikko

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TIPS for Ladies:
The bust is a very prominent woman's focal point, so it pays to spend time and money on brassieres. In our society today, men talk about 36-26-36. I'm sure you know what I mean. Most men when they're in a group talking about their ideal women beautiful face alone is not enough in today's well-informed society.
Find a fitter who can help you select the correct cup size of your bra. Bras can make an amazing difference in the way you look and the way your clothes' fit.

If you have a big bust.
  • Too large breasts can be corrected or minimized with the right bra.
  • No-seam or natural-looking bra is advisable.
  • Lead the eye away with pretty collars, subtly gathered shoulders, or with colors that flatter and draw attention to your face and eyes.
  • Avoid big cowl neck sweaters.
  • Avoid tight tops.
  • Wide belts bring your bosom even closer to your waist.
  • Double-breasted jackets make you heavy.
  • Horizontal stripes emphasize width.
  • Light-colored tops over dark pants or skirts makes you look inverted triangle.
  • One tone dressing is preferred.
  • Dark V necks are good.
  • Never pull your bra too high or too low.
Pretty prints distract the eye from the too-straight figure.

If you have a tiny bust
  • Soft shirring from the shoulder lines, or from yokes are advisable.
  • Details like tucking, gathers, simple layered embroidery and pockets are good.
  • Avoid attractive clinging object or decoration over the bust.

If you are flat bust

  • Set-in waists and blousons are good.
  • Dropped waist and empire waist are very good camouflage.
  • Layered looks, light color on top creates a bigger bust silhouette.
  • Padded, capped, wide collars, ruffle fronts, balance your figure.
  • Double breasted and padded bra is a must.
  • Avoid open necks and strapless.
  • Avoid anything fitted.
  • Push up bras attracts a very inappropriate dressing effect.
  • Avoid scarves. It tends to draw the focal point of the eye to your bust.