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On Stain Removal

Stain is a tragedy for our clothing. Here are some of the most common remedies you can do.
  • Blood - Soak fresh stains in cold water until stains turn light brown. Wash in warm suds. Remove stubborn stains by soaking in solution of 2 tablespoons of ammonia to each gallon of water for 15 minutes. Wash, rinse well and dry.

  • Chocolate - Scrape off excess. Wash in warm suds and rinse. Sponge any remaining stains with dry cleaning fluid or chlorine bleach solution.

  • Coffee - Apply a paper towel to remove excess. Pour an equal amount of water and vinegar over stain over a bowl. Rinse with water.

  • Cream - Stains can usually be removed by washing. Remove any remaining cream with dry-cleaning fluid. Wash in warm suds and rinse.

  • Fruits - Pour warm water through the stained fabric stretch over a bowl. Repeat several times if necessary. Wash, rinse and dry. If any stains remain, use household bleach.

  • Grass - Work heavy suds into stain, if stains remains, bleach with a solution of one teaspoon sodium perborate to one pint of hydrogen peroxide. Test on an inconspicuous part of garment. Soak for 30 minutes or longer. Rinse well.

  • Grease - Can be removed by rubbing well with soap or detergent and then washing with hot sudsy water. If any stain still remains, sponge well with dry-cleaning fluid. You can also use "Shout" or "Spray 'n Wash." Then apply petroleum jelly to the stain. Wash with detergent and rinse.

  • Gum - Chill stains with ice until gum rolls into a ball when scraped. Sponge off remaining to stain with dry-cleaning fluid. Wash in warm suds, rinse well and dry.

  • Ink (particularly felt) Wet with hairspray. Dry it with a towel. Repeat several times. You can also rinse in cool water and wash in hot suds with a few drops of ammonia. Rinse well.

  • Lipstick: Use K2-R spot remover, then spray equal amount of water and vinegar over stain. Hairspray may serve as a temporary remedy.

  • Mercurochrome - Saturate promptly with a solution of one part of alcohol and two parts of water. Next work glycerine into the stain. Continue adding glycerine until color stops bleeding. Wash and add a few drops of ammonia to rinse. Bleach any remaining stains.

  • Mud - Apply a paper towel to remove excess. Let dry then brush off. Spray with "Spray and Shout" or "Spray n Wash" then wash with detergent and color safe bleach.

  • Nail polish - Acetone or Nail polish remover may dissolve Acetate Rayon. Sponge Acetate Rayon with dry cleaning fluid, apply a few drops of banana oil and remove to dissolve with cloth. Test on an inconspicuous portion of the garment.

  • Paint - Remove as much of the fresh paint as possible by scraping. Then treat with dry cleaning fluid or turpentine, depending on a type of paint. Wash in warm suds, rinse well and dry.

  • Perspiration - Spray equal amount of water and vinegar over stain. Rinse. Sprinkle to warn water with salt and soak for two hours. Repeat the same procedure until stain is removed.

  • Red wine - Wet stain and apply salt for five minutes. Pour boiling water over stain. Use half water and half vinegar if stain is stubborn. Then rinse.

  • Scorch - Ordinary washing and powdered bleach will remove most stains. For severe stains, treat with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Rinse well and dry.

  • Tea - Soak in warm water. Wash. Treat remaining stain by bleaching with chlorine bleach. Sponge with dry cleaning fluid if cream is involved.