Establishing Professional Image according to Noubikko, Fashion designer

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Establishing Professional Image

The message here is that if you want to be recognized as a serious contender for a position, you should dress for the part.

The powerful and the wealthy understand the importance of communicating with clothing. They can project and interpret messages that are amazingly subtle and complex. Just as important as knowing what to wear and having reasoned for wearing it.

Things to Remember

1) Dress for the position you want.
2) Fit the clothes to the occasion.
3) Fit the clothes for the people you'll be associating with.
4) Dress for the code.
What you wear sends out every signal of what you are. Assuring that you're skilled and competent of what you do, establishing a professional image can improve your chances of getting to your direction fast and, of course, of moving up.

What you choose to wear doesn't have to be expensive. Good clothing comes in all price ranges. With today's discount outlets, inexpensive alternatives are not hard to find. Wear the best you can reasonably afford to buy.

When someone doesn't dress-up to their potential, it's not necessarily due to a lack of taste, but often a misguided belief that dressing doesn't really make any difference. Not knowing how it works is sad but not taking advantage of its benefit is really sad.
Don't choose garments because of the way they appear on models and/or friends you're apt to convey and confess several of your body flaws. Avoid to looking "model Wanna-be."

Understanding your body built has no substitute in making the right fashion choices. Now that women in corporate office tend to imitate men's dress to give them powerful delivery, it is more confusing than ever. Women have taken their places in board rooms. Femininity has reduced in offices, and sometimes individuality prevails. Knowing how clothes will work for your advantage will definitely complete your effect.
For everyone seeking a professional image, dare to look competent and powerful, so when a position you want to open up, you'll look and sound like the part. Clothing speaks money and power. It represents better treatment and service. Remember that everyone likes to be associating with the leader and the winner.
Dare to practice until you become what you dare.
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