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On Fabric Care
Clothing is your personality's investment. Clothes will last for a long time if they are given proper care. They will look fresh and new if they are given the proper treatment that they deserve. Make sure that you read their care instruction before washing or cleaning. If your garment's label is missing, the following will prove helpful.
By Fabric Trade Name 
Dry Clean
Silk Brocade
Crepe (silk & Jersey)
Gabardine (silk and wool)
Voile (silk)
Washer silk
Sharkskin Pique
Slipper satin
Taffeta Pongee
Velvet Ramie
Velveteen Seersucker,
Viscose Terry cloth
Viyella Velour
Wool Washer Rayon
Machine Wash
Cotton knit Linen
Chambray Dimity
Denim Viyella (cold water)
Jacquard Doeskin Voile(poly cotton)
Knits Faille Woolblends
Leno Lame Novelty knits
Linen Gingham
Noil Jacquard (poly and cotton)
Plisse Madras
Hand Wash
Antique Fabric
Antique lace
By Material Name
  • Acetate - Dry clean or gently hand wash with warm water; do not soak, wring, or twist; protect from nail polish, paint remover and perfumes.
  • Acrylic - Dry clean or machine wash; tumble dry low; use chlorine or peroxide bleach.
  • Cotton - Machine wash or dry clean, tumble dry. Excess bleach weakens the fabric and may cause yellowing. It may shrink.
  • Linen - Dry clean or machine wash, tumble dry. Iron when damp on right the side for lustier. Do not crease.
  • Modacrylic - Dry clean or machine wash warm, tumble dry low, remove from the dryer immediately; for deep pile fabrics use for cleaning process.
  • Nylon - Machine wash; tumble dry, low; use chlorine bleach.
  • Polyester - Dry clean or machine wash; tumble dry; some articles with fiberfill may be machined washed and dried bleach with chlorine.
  • Rayon - Dry clean or hand wash with lukewarm. Do not wring or wrist. It may be machined washed or tumble dry.
  • Silk - Dry clean or carefully hand wash. Some dyes bleed when wet.
  • Spandex - Dry clean or machine wash; tumble dry, low; do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Triacetate - Machine wash, tumble dry.
  • Wool - Dry clean or wash with extreme care, using cool water and mild soap. Mothproof before storage.